Arkiv för maj, 2014

Koka – once again reaching for the stars

Skribent Björn Persson

Three months have passed since the Gothenburg restaurant Koka was born – as a reinvention of the popular fine dining restaurant Kock & Vin. An increase in sales by over thirty percent has proven the owner Björn Persson right when he decided to turn fine dining into fun dining.

“Dining out at a high-class restaurant doesn’t have to be neither fancy nor expensive”, says Björn Persson. For him, closing down the successful and much talked about restaurant Kock & Vin, wasn’t an easy decision. The restaurant had been awarded a Michelin star for six years in a row, together with many other prestigious awards. It was a well-established favorite among patrons and critics alike.

The decision was very much based on intuition and not on facts, but the collective conviction among staff members that this was the right thing to do for the restaurant, made the decision easier.

 “We wanted to renew ourselves and underline our passion and philosophy even more – Modern Gastronomy from the West Coast. But we also had a vision of making the experience more accessible for our patrons and allow more people to discover what we are all about.”

In order to create a fresh and modern look in the historic location that housed Kock & Vin, Björn Persson chose to work with one of Sweden’s most renowned architects, Johan Olsson of the Bornstein Lyckefors agency. The transformation was done in only 12 days, and on Valentine’s Day the doors to Koka opened for the first time. A new menu was set, with lower prices, but with the same ambitions as always – to be a leader of modern gastronomy from the Swedish West Coast with flavors from local produce always taking center stage.

 Three months have now passed and Björn Persson can gladly sum up these first months by stating that the old patrons remain loyal, together with new patrons that are discovering the ‘same same but different’ establishment.

“We have seen a great increase in the number of guests that walk in without having made a reservation. That never happened before, when it was fine dining. Furthermore, the critics have already given us great reviews.”

Flygande start för KOKA

Skribent Björn Persson

Tre månader efter premiärkvällen står det klart att nya restaurangen Koka med bravur axlat manteln från föregångaren Kock & Vin. En omsättningsökning på 30 % talar sitt tydliga språk.

Det visar att fine dining inte måste vara uppklätt och dyrt. Förnyelsen har starkt fokus på MVG, modern västsvensk gastronomi, samtidigt som våra gäster får möjlighet att uppleva en mer avslappnad miljö och lägre priser.

Efter en rask ombyggnad stod Koka klart lagom till Alla Hjärtans Dag den 14 februari. Med ny inredning, ny meny, ny prisbild – fast med samma höga mål som tidigare, en helhetsupplevelse i världsklass där smaken står i fokus och med högklassiga västsvenska råvaror som bas.