Kock & Vin closing February 2nd – Koka is born

Skribent Björn Persson

Fourteen years have passed since Kock & Vin opened its door at Viktoriagatan in Gothenburg. The restaurant, that began as a bistro with simple and delicious French bistro food, has gone through a lot of changes and has evolved through the years. The firsts years’ French cuisine ambitions, transformed over time into a modern gourmet restaurant. A restaurant that took it upon itself to change Swedish Cuisine, using only locally produced ingredients from the Swedish West coast. This mission turned out to be a success, and earned Kock & Vin several rewards, specifically a star in the Michelin guide and top rankings at Sweden’s most renowned restaurant guide – White Guide.

 But fourteen years have now passed and we look back at these wonderful years and ask ourselves: if we had the chance to do it all over again, would we do it the same way? Probably not. Instead we would have done something more exciting, we would’ve created a place where the atmosphere reflected the modern Swedish West Coast gastronomy that we have strived to accomplish on the plates.

The name, which in Swedish is a play with the words chef and wine worked well in 1999 when we started, but today it feels a bit dated and not really connected to what we have learned through the years nor with what we’re really about today.

 This is why Kock & Vin closes its doors on February 2nd. But just a couple of weeks later a new restaurant sees the light of day: Koka. A name that symbolizes pureness and simplicity. A modern Swedish name that can work on the international arena as well, and that, at the same time, stands as a symbol of what we are all about.


To make our dreams come true we have once again worked with our friends at Swedish architecture firm Bornstein Lyckefors. Their associate Johan Olsson is one of Sweden’s most accomplished restaurant architects and in the past he has helped us realize our thoughts and ambitions at both Restaurant Familjen as well as Spisa Matbar. He has the great ability to incorporate in his designs exactly what we want to feature on the plates of food and in our wine glasses.

The level of food and customer service is always our first priority, but we also want to apply the same ambition level to the presentation of the whole concept. This is why we decided to create a modern gourmet restaurant where the interior is to be dominated by light pine tree wood paired with burgundy colored passe-partouts that frame our unique ceiling from the late 19th century. Several leading designers from the West coast are represented in the furniture, lightning and glasses.

 We’ll be bringing along a lot of the ideas from Kock & Vin to Koka. In terms of food we’ll continue to develop, purify and refine the thoughts that was an integral part of Kock & Vin and, of course, we’ll continue to work with local producers. As always, the flavors take the main stage together with interesting and intelligent beverage combinations. The level of service and how to exceed expectations is and will always be our main concern.

 Since opening Restaurang Familjen as well as Spisa Matbar we have enriched Gothenburg with two modern restaurants of international class. For Gothenburg to be a serious competitor on the international gastronomy arena the city’s restaurants need to take one more, daring, step. We feel that with the opening of Koka we have the opportunity to be the locomotive that pushes all of us forward, towards the international recognition this city’s great restaurants deserves.

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